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We’re continuing with the Beginners Guide Series. Today the topic is planner binders and page sizes.

This is something I get asked about a lot. And with the abundance of options available in the market today, I know it’s going to be helpful as you consider what planner binder and page size will work best for you. You can find more of the Beginners Guide Series here.

Welcome to The Beginners Guide

Planner Binders and Page Sizes

Create a planner unique to you!

I’m so glad paper planners are no longer just boring notebooks that leave us uninspired to take action on our dreams.

With a few tools + a little creativity you can create a gorgeous planner that will inspire you to make plans you actually want to take action on. And I know you’ll want to use it everyday!

Planners are good for the creative mind, body + soul!

But with the explosion of all things planner comes the challenge of matching your favourite planner binder with page inserts and refills.

Whether you want a planner that stays on your desk or travels with you as your constant companion and most loyal assistant, there is a binder size that will work for you. And I have stylish planner page designs that you’ll want to use everyday!

My printable planner kits come in a range of stylish designs for the three most popular sizes. They are specifically designed to work with most of the planner binders below with no extra fuss. You can shop the printable planner kits here.

Each of the three planner kit sizes are shown in pink and the other colours represent related binder sizes that use this same or similar page size.

Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier not all companies name their sizes the same. For example, a medium at Kikki.K isn’t the same as a medium from Filofax.

So how do you know what planner binder will work with what size pages, easily + simply?

My simple guide to match planner binders and page insert sizes.

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to creating your own planner is about the size of binders and planner pages. The three most popular sizes are : personal | medium | large

The images below will show you what size pages, otherwise known as refills or inserts, work with the different planner binder sizes.

Personal | 95x172mm

The Personal is the perfect portable size and works with the following planner binders:

  • Webster’s Pages Color Crush : personal
  • Kikki.K : medium
  • Filofax : personal
  • Day Timer : portable
  • Kate Spade : personal
  • Day Runner : personal
  • Franklin Planner : compact or pocket (you will need to modify the trimming size)
  • Levenger : Circa Disc system (their smallest disc is 1/4” and hold up to 50 sheets)

There is no standard size when it comes to Personal planner sizes, although many fit very closely to the 95x172mm size of my Personal printable planner pages. Some binders will require a slight modification to the trimming of the pages.

My Personal size planner inserts are based on Websters Pages Color Crush, it is my binder of choice in this size due the high quality, beautiful range + affordable prices. It also comes in an A5 size which we will talk about next.

Medium | 148x210mm

A5 (148x210mm) + Half Letter (5.5x8.5in)

The Medium is a great all rounder size and will work with the following planner binders:

  • Kikki.K : large, A5
  • Webster’s Pages Color Crush : A5
  • Simple Stories : A5
  • Filofax : A5
  • Day Designer : A5
  • My Minds Eye : classic (available at Franklin Planners) half letter
  • Franklin Planner : classic, half letter
  • Day Timer : desk, half letter
  • Day Runner : half letter
  • Staples : Arc Disc system (38mm disc and holds up to 200 pages)
  • Levenger : Circa Disc system (discs from 1/4” to 3” holding up to 450 sheets)
  • standard ring bound folders from office stores

#tip : While my Medium planner printables are A5 in size, due to the 0.5” margin on all sides you can safely print the half letter size from the same file.

A5 is an international standard page size while the comparable for the US is half letter. Generally it requires no additional trimming when it comes to using this planner size. There may be a slight variance depending if you want to match the exact size of your preferred planner binder.

#tip : Using the right size paper to print your pages on avoids any unnecessary trimming after printing.

My preferred choice for a medium binder is Kikki.K. I like to support a fellow Australian company. And I find this is my ideal size for an everyday planner, it’s portable and has plenty of space. I also create disc bound planners in the A5 size too.

Large | 210x280mm

A4 (210x297mm) + US Letter (8.5x11in)

The large size is robust and great for those who need more writing space, especially if your are combining family and business in the one binder. This size works with a large variety of binders:

  • Filofax : A4
  • Franklin Planner : monarch, US Letter
  • Day Timer : folio, US letter
  • Staples : Arc Disc system (38mm disc and holds up to 200 pages)
  • Levenger : Circa Disc system (discs from 1/4” to 3” holding up to 450 sheets)
  • standard ring bound folders from office stores

#tip : I created a unique page size design that works with both A4 and US Letter paper sizes. It can also be printed at a reduced size, approximately 72%, to fit A5 and Half Letter paper sizes, or xx% to fit the [happy planner + erin condren size]

My choice when it comes to creating a large planner is using the disc system, specifically Levenger. We’ll get to binding in an upcoming article, so stay tuned for that one.

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One of the best things about creating your own planner is being able to add pages when + where you want. That’s the secret to having a planner that’s unique to you + works the way you do!

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