Get what matters on your schedule and have the freedom to forget the rest!

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Clear Your Mind


Make Your Plan


Review and adjust

hello friend!

hello friend!

Hi I’m Jacqui Smith, the designer + productivity mentor here at WhiteSpace Design Studio. I design solutions to help people like you to organise their day with confidence + clarity!

When your todo’s are the result of your vision, roles + goals you’ll avoid distractions because you have a plan you can + want to do! Imagine turning your dreams into plans, taking action + seeing success.

Grab your easy one page plan + guide when you join The Studio free, and let me help you plan your day with confidence + clarity!

When you join The Studio you’ll receive :

  • FREE access to The Studio to download your Easy One Page Plan printables + guide so you can organise your day with confidence!
  • as well as the free Daily Success Pack printables
  • access to the growing library of productivity tip cards
  • learn how to create your own unique planner in 5 easy steps with the free Paper Planner Bootcamp
  • plus, you’ll also receive emails and offers to help you organise your day with confidence + clarity.

Grab your free Easy One Page Plan + get started today!

Your free Easy One Page Plan is part of The Studio. You’ll also receive other fun things to help you plan your day with confidence too, like the Daily Success Pack, productivity tip cards, the Paper Planner Bootcamp, offers + more! Scroll down to learn more …

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